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密西根中文學校 週報–MCS Newsletter (7) – 10/28/2017

November 16th 2017 in MCS Communication

1. Harvest Festival(10/28) Donation Sign-Up Sheet —There is still time, please donate candies, cookies with your generosity!!!

     Sign-up Link

– All classes out of class by 2:25 pm

– The parade will start at 2:30pm , end by 2:40 pm 

– For kids’ costumes and props, they need to be non-violent, non-scary and non-offending to the church. 

– More parade detail: Please refer to the attached pdf file.

2. Parent On Duty this week翊威爸爸/媽媽 & 賴哲琛/劉怡均
3. Basketball Club: 10/28 practice is on
4. Reading Month — Ending on 11/4. Please encourage your kids to do more Chinese reading.
5. Extraordinary Parent Assembly — 11/4 1:40pm – 3:30pm
– Who: All the parents

– When: 11/4 1:40-3:30pm

– Where: location to be announced next week

–  The following subjects will be discussed:  vice principal selectionand tuition adjustment in the new school year.

–  The following subject will be discussed and vote for determination:  cancellation of school activities.


6. 全美總會線上講座–如何申請進入理想的大學 –sign up website: Oxlm2ko1
Inline image 1
7. College Funding Seminar — 11/18 2:40pm – 3:30pm
– Who: All the parents who are interested.

– When: 11/18 2:40-3:30pm

– Where: Breakout Rooms C & D (Close to 8th grade Classroom)

–  RSVP: Sign up sheet: sheets/d/1lm3663zhTpI4aAKCsSZc wS_0hmwy9DGJHHN5nH29dXM/edit? usp=sharing

– Free event

8. Amazon Smile Link —


Brandon Fang


密 西 根 中 文  學 校  –  校 長

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1. Taiwan’s Double Tenth Day Celebration —     
   10/14, Southfield Lathrup Campus, 5pm dinner, 6pm performance

2.  Harvest Festival(10/28) Donation Sign-Up Sheet — 
     Sign-up Link

– Not too many donations on the list yet. Please all parents help.
– Besides donation, decoration is also welcome. (Decoration can be taken back after event)  
– For kids’ costumes and props, they need to be non-violent, non-scary […]

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Dear Parents:

For the meeting location of extraordinary parent assembly tomorrow, it is at Chapel Suite 2, but the location is at the red block shown in the snapshot below. (The first suite at the right hand side of Chapel.)

Meeting time is 11/4 1:40-3:30pm. Please do come to participate in. Appreciate in advance.


Brandon Fang


密 西 根 中 文  學 校  –  校 […]

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