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密西根中文學校 週報–MCS Newsletter (4) – 09/30/2017

September 28th 2017 in MCS Communication


1. Deliver Moon Cake for celebrating Mid-moon festival   

2. Reading Month — Starting from 9/30 & Ending on 11/4


3. Chairpersons of Parent Representative

  • K class PR: Yee-Wei(陸綺慧)                                                                      
  • 5th Grade PR: Claire Chen(陳臻)
4. Room E501 will be our parents’ lounge.
5. Harvest Festival Donation Sign-Up Sheet — Find the link below
6. 全美總會線上講座  (New Textbook Seminar)- 10/15/2017 (Sun) 《學華語向前走》教學素材課室最佳化教學運 用

7. Meeting Minutes from Parent Assembly on 9/23


1.Deliver Moon Cake for celebrating Mid-moon festival 
  • The Moon Festival is on October 4.
  • Each student , teacher and staff will receive a moon cake from QQ Bakery this Saturday.
  • We will have some extra moon cakes for purchase in parents’ lounge (E501) .
  • The pre-order people please come to E501 to pick up your order.
2. Reading Month — Starting from 9/30 & Ending on 11/4
  • During Reading Month, the students should log their reading hours (including books and videos in Chinese).  When students meet the reading requirement at the end of the reading month, school will give out awards ($5).
  • Please help students to follow the reading month instructions provided by teachers.

3. Chairpersons of Parent Representative
  • Our chairpersons of Parent Representative Yee-Wei(陸綺慧) & Claire Chen( 陳臻). They will work together to service our school to handle all sorts of affairs. Thanks both of them sincerely . 
  • We also do need a lot of help from every parents, so don’t hesitate to step up and volunteer.

4. Room E501 will be our parents’ lounge.
  • Parents can take a rest in E501. MCS will supply Coffee & Tea there.  $1.5 per cup. If only use hot water and cup, $0.5. Chip in more will always be appreciated. All the profit will donate to school.
  • Please keep the voice down when you are in that room to avoid disrupting the class next door.
6. 全美總會線上講座 – 10/15/2017 (Sun) 《學華語向前走》教學素材課室最佳化教學運用
   Inline image 2
7. Meeting Minutes from Parent Assembly on 9/23
  • Still no Vice Principal and Educational Administrator. Needing parents to step up and help.
  • Parents approved MCS staffs that Principal appointed.
  • Encourage Parents to step up to serve or help. Pros: 1) Learn skills, 2) Make friends. Cons: Learn too much.
  • Parents to help on getting more ads on our directory.
  • Urge Parents to utilize Amazon Smile more often, so MCS will get donation from Amazon on every purchase. Here is  the link.
  • Double Tenth Ceremony on 10/14 — Southfield Lathrup High School, sign up with PR by 10/7. Free admission. 5pm dinner, 6pm performance. 
  • Extra-curricular class should charge higher rate for non-MCS students. The mark-up percentage to be discussed with instructors. Apply to next semester. 
  • MCS to locate the printers MCS purchased for printing school specific print-outs. 

Special Thanks to:

  • Tony Tsai’s donation (Blessings Realty Group)
  • 大來超市(Da Lai supermarket) for making half page ad in our directory — 馬文豪 helped to secure
  • 荔棧(Empire) for making a full page ad in our directory — 陳延光,馬文豪 helped to secure
  • QQ餅屋( QQ bakery) for making half page ad in our directory
Parents on Duty: 陳彥良


Brandon Fang


密 西 根 中 文  學 校  –  校 長

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This coming Saturday is the 3rd week of the semester. 
The following items are the key events and important announcements this week:  
1. Parents’ Assembly (家長大會) — for all parents, not just parent representatives. 
2. Teachers’ Meeting (教務會議)
3. Chairperson of Parent Representative-3rd Grade PR: 趙素君
4. Reading Month — Starting from 9/30
5. Moon Cake pre-Order — See the pre-order […]

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1. Taiwan’s Double Tenth Day Celebration — 10/14, Southfield Lathrup Campus, Please PR to provide me the headcount by 10/7.
2. Reading Month — Starting from 9/30 & Ending on 11/4, Please encourage your kids to do more Chinese reading.

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