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密西根中文學校 週報–MCS Newsletter (2) – 09/16/2017

September 13th 2017 in MCS Communication

This Saturday is the 2nd week of the semester.  New students can still sit in different classes to see which fits their learning better. 

The following items are the announcements this week:

  1.  Fire Drill — Starts at 3:25pm, Ends at 3:30pm after bring students back into the Church building
  2.  Chairman of Parent representative election — Start at 1:40pm and End at 2:30pm at Cafeteria
  3.  Extra-curricular activities starts — Water Coloring and Chinese Yo-Yo starts on 9/16
  4.  Staff meeting — 2:40pm in room E501
  5.  Moon cakes order pickup —  1:30pm Hall way, Yen-Kuang Chen


      1. The fire drill: 

    • Who: All students, teachers, Parents.
    • When: Starts at 3:25pm by the alarm ( or informed by MCS staff). Ends at 3:30pm (after confirmed the student headcounts and bring them back to Church building.
    • How:
      • After getting fire drill alert, students follow teacher to move outside the designed doors calmly and smoothly. Three rendezvous, X, Y, Z.
      • Parents just follow the following fire map to get the rendezvous your kids will be at.Inline image 1

      2. Chairman of Parent Representative election:

    • Who: Parent Representative of each class
    • When: Starts at 1:40pm. Ends at 2:30pm 
    • Where: Cafeteria, or the area near the Grand Piano
    • What to output: The Chairman of Parent Representative for 2017-2018 school year.

      3. Extra-curricular activities:

    • This is the starting week of the extra-curricular activities.  We still have some spots. Please stop by the work station in the hall way to register the extra-curriculum classes with Activity Director, 黃雅玲, Ya-ling Huang.
      • Water-Coloring Class: $40 per student per semester, 10+ classes, starting from 9/16, almost every week, except teacher meeting.
      • Chinese Calligraphy: $50 per student per semester, 10 classes, starting from 9/30, for students 9+
      • Chinese YoYo: $30 per student per semester, 10 classes, starting from 9/16.

      4. Staff meeting:

    • Who: MCS Staff
    • When: Starts at 2:40pm. Ends at 2:20pm 
    • Where: E501

Parents on Duty this week: 陳彥良

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Brandon Fang


密 西 根 中 文  學 校  –  校 長

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This coming Saturday is the 3rd week of the semester. 
The following items are the key events and important announcements this week:  
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2. Teachers’ Meeting (教務會議)
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