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密西根中文學校 週報–MCS Newsletter (4) – 09/30/2017

September 28th 2017

Events 1. Deliver Moon Cake for celebrating Mid-moon festival    2. Reading Month — Starting from 9/30 & Ending on 11/4 Announcements 3. Chairpersons of Parent Representative K class PR: Yee-Wei(陸綺慧)                                                           […]

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密西根中文學校 週報–MCS Newsletter (3) – 09/23/2017

September 19th 2017

This coming Saturday is the 3rd week of the semester.  The following items are the key events and important announcements this week:   Events 1. Parents’ Assembly (家長大會) — for all parents, not just parent representatives.  2. Teachers’ Meeting (教務會議) Announcements 3. Chairperson of Parent Representative-3rd Grade PR: 趙素君 4. Reading Month — Starting from 9/30 […]

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密西根中文學校 週報–MCS Newsletter (2) – 09/16/2017

September 13th 2017

This Saturday is the 2nd week of the semester.  New students can still sit in different classes to see which fits their learning better.  The following items are the announcements this week:  Fire Drill — Starts at 3:25pm, Ends at 3:30pm after bring students back into the Church building  Chairman of Parent representative election — Start at 1:40pm and End at […]

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密西根中文學校 週報–MCS Newsletter (1) – 09/09/2017

September 6th 2017

Dear Michigan Chinese School Students, Parents, Teachers, and Staffs,   I hope you all enjoy your summer. The new school year will start on September 9. Our Chinese learning classes will begin at 1:30PM and ends at 3:30 PM at Ward Church ( 6 Mile Rd / Haggerty Rd), following by the extra-curricular classes from 3:35 to […]

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