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MCS Weekly Bulletin – 2013-09-25

September 25th 2013

The following items are the announcements this week (9/28): 1. Reading Month starts (讀書月開始) 2. Extra-curricular activities (課外活動 – 課程請參閱網站) 3. Fire Drill moves to 10/5 (防火演習延至 10/5) 4. National Day Celebration – optional (國慶晚會) Parents on Duty: 王惠章, 陳德修 Special Thanks to: Lin Chyi-ing (林棋英) – cash donation Vicky Thomsen (林曉君) –  ads sponsorship from QQ Bakery and Neighborhood Dental Yuhling Chen (陳玉玲) –  ads sponsorship […]

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MCS Weekly Bulletin – 2013-09-11

September 11th 2013

This Saturday is the 2nd week of the semester.  New students can still sit in different classes to see which fit their learning better. The following items are the announcements this week: 1. Parents representative election (家長代表大會) 2. Extra-curricular activities start (課外活動開始) 3. Moon cakes order pickup (領訂購月餅) 4. Apple picking announcement (採蘋果) Parents on Duty: Dennis Chang, 鄺有恆 Details: Parent representative election:  The meeting […]

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MCS Weekly Bulletin – 2013-09-07

September 7th 2013

Dear Michigan Chinese School Students, Parents, Teachers, and Staffs, I hope you all enjoy your summer. The new school year will start on September 7. Our regular classes will begin at 1:30PM and ends at 3:30 PM at Madonna University. Here are a few items that will take place on 1st day of school. 1. […]

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