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Michigan Chinese School

密西根中文學校 Michigan Chinese School

Second Grade Class

Dear parents and students,
Welcome to Ms. Connie’s third grade class.  We will try to finish Text Book Two in this year. I will focus on three ways to make sure students’ Chinese will improve.  They are reading, writing, and listening.  We will also watch movies, make crafts, play games, and maybe we will even have some surprises during the year.   I strongly encourage every student to show up every week and participate the school activities.  It is going to be a busy but exciting year.   



歡迎來到康妮老師的二年級班。今年我們將會試着上完第二冊。教學内容將會著重在讀、寫、聽三方面。配合課程我們也會看影 片、做勞作、玩遊戲,或許也會有些驚喜給大家,所以請大家盡量每星期都來上課並參予學校活動,相信未來的一年將會是忙碌而興奮的。